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Imaging is a powerful way of characterizing molecular interactions. Our lab is focused on developing and using real-time, in situ, imaging technologies. We use a combination of optical and scanning probe microscopies.

Our lab is well-equipped with a full suite of microscopy systems

  • Optical microscopy
    • Our optical microscopes are all from Olympus and comprise the following
      • Two confocal microscopes (Fluoview 300; Fluoview 500)
        • Systems equipped with 405 / 445 / 488 / 532 / 647 nm laser lines
      • Three total internal reflection fluorescence microscopes: two objective-based integrated with our confocal microscopes; one prism-based system
        • Systems variously equipped with 405 / 442 / 473 / 488 / 532 nm laser lines
      • Several IX-70 inverted research microscopes, all equipped with epi-fluorescence capabilities
      • BX-60 upright research microscope
      • SZX-12 stereo microscope
      • We have built out two super-resolution STORM imaging platforms - both with polarization control on excitation and emission, along with hyperspectral imaging and 3D capabilities.
      • Three home-built light sheet microscopes -all running under MicroManager
        • Horizontal capillary
        • Open-SPIM - vertical capillary with multiple-sample capabilities
        • Confocal iSPIM configuration
        • confocal_SPIM_3
  • Scanning probe microscopy





We have designed an integrated ATR-SPM system for performing correlated ATR-IR spectroscopy with in situ SPM imaging (See Verity et al., Biophysical J, 2009)




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